Updated October 18, 2022

  1. All games are played in accordance to Hockey Alberta (C.H.A.) official rules.
  2. A player may be registered and play for only (1) team during the tournament.
  3. Roster Size: A maximum of (19) players, including goaltenders will play for each team, each game of the tournament and the names will be those submitted to the Tournament Committee prior to the start tournament. Affiliate players must be added prior to games starting and for the purpose of replacing a player for injury or reasons that make the original player unavailable. AP players cannot be used to replace a player serving a suspension or for perceived poor performance by the team management. (Please see the tournament committee at the tournament office for clarification of AP status). Any team found playing an ineligible player (I.E. player name not submitted on the original roster and not an approved affiliate player by the tournament committee) may be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  4. Jersey Colours: Home teams will wear DARK/visitors will wear WHITE. In the event there is a conflict, the home team will be required to change.
  5. NOVEMBER 11: We will recognize a moment of Silence and read In Flanders’s Field prior to starting games #37 through #48. Please have your starting line up on their respective blue lines.
  6. Game Start Times: All teams must be ready to play at the scheduled time, unless deemed otherwise by the tournament officials. Every effort will be made to start games on time and finish within allocated time slot. Tournament officials will determine and communicate the official start and end times to on‐ice officials and team managers prior to the game.
  7. Game Format: All games will have three (3) twenty (20) minute stop time periods with a maximum (5) minute warm‐up.
  8. Dropping the time clock in ROUND ROBIN Games: The time clock will be automatically dropped to (2) minutes when there are (5) minutes remaining before the official scheduled end time. This is to allow time for a shoot out.
  9. Ice Cleans: Will be conducted at the end of each period – unless the tournament officials rule to postpone a cleaning with the intent to finish a full game within the scheduled time slot.
  10. ROUND ROBIN: (Day 1 & 2) NHL Shootout to Settle any ties.
  11. PLAYOFF ROUNDS: Overtime = 3vs3 until 5 min remaining in ice permit, then NHL Shootout (3 Shooters)
  12. Points  – ROUND ROBIN: WIN 3 PTS.      Shootout Win 2 PTS.     Shootout Loss 1 PT.     Loss 0 PTS.
  13. Mercy Rule: All games will be played with the “Mercy Rule” in effect during the third period. When a (7) goal difference occurs in the third period, the clock will switch from stop time to running time. If the game returns to a (6) goal deficit – the game will revert to stop time. Penalties incurred during the running time will be: (3) minutes for minor infractions, (8) minutes for major infractions and (15) minutes for each misconduct, with the exception of game misconduct.
  14. (A) PLACEMENT (after round robin): The brackets will be determined by their placement in their own pool with the top team in each pool being represented in the Championship bracket. After the top 8 teams are determined for the championship bracket, then the teams will be re-seeded by using our Tie-Breaker criteria to place the remaining 16 teams into the B or C brackets.

    (A) Total Points in Round Robin Games
    (B) If the two (2) teams are still tied after (A), the team with the best head-to-head record against the other team
    (C) the team with the most wins in the round- robin gains the highest position.
    (D) If the two (2) teams are still tied after (A) and (B) has been applied,  then the team with the best goal average gains the highest position.
    The  goal average of a team is to be determined in the follow manner:  Goals for minus goals against divided by goals for, plus goals against. NOTE:  All round robin games are included.  a. Example: For = 10 goals, Against = 4 goals Formula: (10 – 4) / (10 + 4) = .4286  b. NOTE: The highest ratio gains the highest position.
    (E) the team with the fewest penalty minutes and then
    (F) the team that scored the fastest goal to start a game.
  15. Time Outs: Each team will be awarded only (1) 30 second time out in each game.
  16. Suspensions: Hockey Alberta (C.H.A.) official rules apply. No protests will be entertained. All decisions by the tournament committee are final.
  17. Game Team MVP Selection. Each team will select one player to receive a game MVP recognition and award. This player will be selected by his own teams coaching staff. Players are to line up on Blue line after the game for presentations.
  18. ALL STAR TEAMS Selection: 1st and 2nd All Star Teams will be selected by the attending scouts and posted on line Saturday night.   Tournament MVP: Will be selected by the attending scouts and posted on line Saturday night.