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MacLean Hockey - Watch List (Day 4)
Posted by: Admin
Sunday, November 10, 2019


Otto Hanson (Calgary Royals)
A very intelligent and mature two-way player with great potential, Hanson is a great zone entry option who can calm the play down and really create time and space for his teammates. Hanson reads the physics of the game very well and hunts pucks effectively off bounces and turnovers. The headsy forward doesn't always find the scoresheet but that is likely to change in the future and he is an obvious catalyst for this Royals squad. The future is bright here!
Tyler Parr (RHA)
A hard shooting forward who continuously finds good space away from the puck, Parr has a quick release, can carry the puck well and proved to be a very strong goal scoring option for his team all tournament long. Parr played hero for RHA in their final game against the Calgary Royals netting the game winning goal (in addition to an earlier goal and 2 assists)
Casey Black (Calgary Flames)
Black was highly noticeable in all of the Flames games during the tournament. The extremely mobile defender was all over the ice, stripping pucks, throwing solid lateral hip checks and jumping up into the rush to create scoring option support for the Flames. His get in the way type defense is fearless and he was consistently one of the hardest players to play against in the entire event.
Noah Heinrich (OHA Edmonton)
Heinrich isn't always the most noticeable player on the ice but if you watch you realize he is most likely the smartest player on the ice, consistently. He is a smooth skating, highly mobile defender with outstanding positional awareness and pristine decision making. It seems with Heinrich that if there is a smart to be played, he somehow finds an even smart play.
Lukas Dragicevic (Delta Green)
His energy and joy of competition is contagious. Watching Dragicevic celebrate his teams goals will bring a smile to your face, and with his skill set, it doesn't take long to get the opportunity to see it. Dragicevic has excellent transitional instinct and can really control the pace of play on his shifts.
Tanner Molendyk (Yale)
Molendyk did nothing but win fans all tournament long. He is just about everything you could ask for or want in a defender and leader. The Yale captain can dominate in all three zones and on either side of the puck. His strength and physicality often catches opponents off guard. He showed some great courage and guts in the tournament final and while he was eventually unable to continue playing due to an injury, his presence was still evident as his team rallied to capture the title.
Logan Wormald/Zach Benson (Yale)
Wormald and Benson had themselves a game in the final. Neither player needs much room to make a play and they proved their value pacing Yale with 2 goals apiece with Benson adding 2 assists to capture the tournament scoring title as well. Together with Emmitt Finnie, the trio proved to be the most dangerous combinations in the tournament.
Tristen Doyle (NAX)
Often overlooked on a roster filled with talent, Doyle is the perfect stabilizing defensive presence that allows his high octane offensive-minded teammates to do their thing. A great skater with strong two-way instinct and overall vision, Doyle is consistently impactful on both sides of the puck and could be viewed as NAX's most important player due to his ability to mitigate the explosive offensive risk taking on the roster that likes to jump up ice.
Harper Lolacher (Notre Dame)
Lolacher is the type of player most coaches love to have on their team and hate to see out on the ice against them. A committed physical and energetic presence, he can really up the pressure and speed of the game at times and force opponents into making a lot of mistakes. He plays a hard-nosed punishing style and has some offensive skill to capitalize on the opportunities his work ethic and physicality can create.
Harrison Lodewyk (Red Deer)
A quick and energetic player, Lodewyk wins races all over the ice and shows great strength on his edges making him a real threat to drive in from his impressive outside rushes. When Lodewyk hits the ice, the game gets faster because of it and most players struggle to keep up with his speed. With the puck he is not only dangerous in terms of the space he can create with his speed but he also possesses a deceptively quick and heavy release on the puck that often catches goaltenders by surprise.

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