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MacLean Hockey - Watch List (Day 3)
Posted by: Admin
Sunday, November 10, 2019


Emmitt Finnie (Yale)
Want to know what a playmaker is? Watch Finnie for a shift and you'll know exactly what it means. Finnie's vision and instinct with the puck amplifies the skill of everyone else on the ice. He can seem like he has eyes in the back of his head at times and is a bit of throwback to superstar playmakers of yesteryear with his ability to quarterback the play from behind his opponent's net.
Oliver Tulk (Delta Green)
Tulk has just gotten better with every game in the tournament. He's a gritty and likeable player who isn't afraid to take his game to the hardest areas of the ice to succeed.  Watch out for his shot, as his release is well beyond his years, but strength isn't his only attribute as he has shown game in and game out how well he can drive the net and finesse plays with the puck.
Aiden Oiring (Calgary Royals)
The Calgary speedster impresses at every turn. He's got a great motor and can really dictate the pace of play. His shifty skating ability can really send defenders scrambling but it's his eyes that are the most dangerous, his ability to process information and react to what he sees is elite.
Saige Weinstein (NAX)
Perhaps one of the most eye catching players in his age group nationwide, Weinstein has an Erik Karlsson type appeal to his game. He is extremely explosive and plays with great compete. He can turn up ice in a heartbeat and his quick decision making matches his lighting quick speed.
Mikhail Volotovskii (Calgary Bisons)
A slick and smooth playmaker, Volotovskii has highlight reel ability around the puck and a great sense for distributing the puck. His ability to handle the puck in the perimeter and draw defenders is extremely fun to watch. He shows great chemistry with fellow Bison Ivan Kedrov, giving the Bisons a very difficult 1-2 punch for opponents to attempt to contain.
Scott Miner (RHA)
Miner is a hard-nosed two-way defender who often proves a real pain to play against. His ability to calm the play down and get plays started for his team doesn't go unnoticed as teams often change gameplans to try and take away his ability to create time and space but more than often his composure comes out on top.
Marcus Pacheco (OHA Edmonton)
Pacheco broke out in the quarterfinals displaying some great intensity and quick edge control and agility off the rush. He has great quickness in his hands and feet that can allow him to separate well from defenders and create great offensive chances. His 2 goals against the Flames were the difference in pushing his squad into the semi-finals.
Carter Yakemchuk (Calgary Flames)
One of the more reliable two-way defenders in the entire age group, Yakemchuk shows great puck poise in his own end and proves to be very evasive and nearly immune to forecheckers at times. Yakemchuk is the type of player who can do a little bit of everything and has proven that in this event, creating offense, shutting down elite offensive opponents and stepping up for a couple of the biggest and cleanest hits in the tournament thus far.
Tyler Chan (BWC)
Chan is a skill coach's dream. His skating could be captured on video and showed for years to come as to what an efficient stride and explosive acceleration look like. He is as smooth as they come with the puck and plays the game with sort of charm and respect that deserves recognition. The BWC captain is an absolute joy to watch.
Grayden Slipec (West Van)
Slipec might be the name on this list who could have been here every single day. The West Van playmaker has been lights out in this event and has paced the potent West Van attack to some big scores. Slipec doesn't much room to strike and finds opportunity in every little mistake an opponent makes. He has showcased some great passing, distribution and overall playmaking ability as well as a scorer's touch off the rush and out of zone play. He will undoubtedly be an impact player again on Day 4 of this event. 

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